Guided Walk on Hanging Bridges

Guided Walk on Hanging Bridges

Tour description

This tour looks to combine adventure and biodiversity by exploring the Cloud Forest from a new perspective, through a guided tour on the hanging bridges where you will find beautiful trails and scenery to delight your family and friends.

What's include

Service includes guided tour and if transportation it's need it could be arranged (admission tickets not included).

What to bring

Appropriate clothing and poncho.

Duration & Tour times

Tour can take an averaged of 2.5 hours. The tour time will be preferably in the morning.


Selvatura Park.

Prices and availability

The price is $35 per person and transportation is $6 per person, the minimum admission it's 3 people. We adjust the price based on the size of your group by email or booking. Admission tickets are paid separately when we arrive at the destination.

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